Full of restrained anthems that mix the sensitivity of Sufjan Stevens with the big hearted warmth and soft harmonies of Elbow.
Uncut Magazine

A haunting and melodically beautiful album peopled by ghosts and aliens, the Raven’s Empire sets Bramwell born-storyeteller’s lyrics to brass, woodwind and surprising bursts of squally guitar. Mesmerising.
Sunday Times

An elegant blend of orchestration, electronics and Bramwell’s reedy voice that sits somewhere between psychedelia, post-rock and traditional music. But what’s really appealing is the spirit of the Raven’s Empire: familiar, ethereal, spooky and very, very English.
Will Hodgkinson, music critic for The Times

An English gem – as whimsical and bittersweet as Robert Wyatt or Talk Talk, but with edgier, more epic production. And We Will Be Here is an anthem in the waiting.
Marcus O’Dair, music critic for The Independent

Bramwell remains the British singer closest to Brian Wilson’s heritage, without really striving for it as he sticks to his Sussex, England roots.
Les Inrockuptibles

Firmly out of sync with current trends, being instead a delicate pastoral exploration of the countryside, coloured with brass and sweet vocals reminiscent of Soft Machine-era Robert Wyatt. Simply beautiful.
Everett True, Plan B

If you adore subtleties and things out of step with the current consensus, then ‘Oddfellows Casino’ will re-affirm your faith that truly classic songwriters exist out there somewhere.
Mats Gustafsson

A band whose records are always a work of art.