A hidden treasure of the English music scene, Oddfellow’s Casino have been quietly releasing albums over the past thirteen years, to critical acclaim. They hail from the mountains of Sussex and are an ensemble whose music and live performances centre around forgotten corners of England, birds, landscapes, ghosts, death and an old Victorian freakshow from which they take their name.

At the centre of the group is singer-songwriter David Bramwell (“an English Sufjan Stevens” – Les Inrockuptibles) whose other musical exploits include recording with cult producer Kramer (Shimmy Disc) and collaborating with Ninja Tunes’ outfit Grasscut and Stereolab’s Simon Johns.

Their long-awaited third album, The Raven’s Empire, is their most ambitious project to date, seeing the group plunge into darker waters with the album veering from pounding hypnotic orchestral arrangements and plaintive piano tracks to Stooges-style guitars; all held within Oddfellow’s distinctive English sound.

Highlights from the past two decades: